Ekiti State Health Insurance Scheme (EKHIS)

The Ekiti State Health Insurance Scheme (EKHIS) was created with a vision to make accessible Healthcare for Ekiti residents, and to put in place appropriate health plans and programmes that will ensure access of all Ekiti residents to quality and affordable healthcare services through collecive pooling and redistribution of financial resources.

It was launched on 10th July 2020 by the State Government with the objective to provide equitable access to basic healthcare needs and risk protection for the residents regardless of income levels or social status.

Targeted Services for Free Health Care in Ekiti State

EKHIS supervises two equity health plans in Ekiti State – Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) and Ulerawa. They have also delivered over 145,000 health care services to beneficiaries of Ekiti State Health Insurance Scheme across all the LGAs in Ekiti State.

There is also the World Bank supported Immunisation Plus & Malaria Progress by Accelerating Coverage & Transforming Services Project (IMPACT), comprising malaria elimination and immunisation component under the Ministry of Health and Human Services that also collaborates with EKHIS in delivering free health services.

Dr. Oyebanji Filani, Hon. Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Ekiti State.
Ekiti Free Health Services
Highlights on Ulerawa

Hightlights on IMPACT

The Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) was established by the National Health Act (NHAct) of 2014 to support the effective delivery of primary and secondary health care services through the provision of a Basic Minimum Package of Healthcare Services (BMPHS) and Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT). The Ekiti State Health Insurance Scheme have delivered 53,625 BHCPF services across all the LGAs in Ekiti State. Beneficiaries of the Basic Health Care Provision Fund utilised 53,625 services that includes: Malaria ANC, Gastroenteritis, URTI, diarrhoea, Family Planning, micronutrient deficiency, etc.

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The Ulerawa programme is a ‘case bundled system’ designed to provide universal health coverage to residents of Ekiti State, with a particular focus on ensuring that the most vulnerable members of the popula_on have access to quality health care services. Ulerawa aims to scale up access to a comprehensive package of high impact primary care package. The Scheme had scaled up the services of the program to all the accredited 177 facilities in Ekiti State in August 2023 and enrollees have started accessing care in these expanded facilities.

For more, visit Ulerawa – Ekiti Flagship Health Insurance Programme.


Dr. Charles Doherty, GM, EKHIS

EKHIS is headed by Dr. Olusegun Charles Doherty, the former General Manager of the Ekiti State AIDS Control Agency (EKSACA). Other team members of EKHIS include: Ogundero Oluwabunmi (Director of Programs), Ogunyemi Oyeyemi (Director of Planning, Reasearch & Statistics), Olaoye Samuel Idowu (Director of Finance & Account), Adeyemo Grace Toyin (Director of Adminstration & Supplies), Aregbesola Gbemisola (Head of ICT), and Akinola Ilesanmi Samuel (Chief Internal Auditor).

Ekiti State Health Insurance Scheme, Phase V, State Secretariat Complex, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State | Telephone: 0803 320 3314.

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