MicroBiotics is now a registered firm that deal with Applied Microbiology and Applied Bioscience, with interest also in Applied Physical Sciences, as well as Multimedia Publishing to reach our audience.

While we still retain our primary desire to make available to the public the vast amount of useful, practicable information and findings about microorganisms’ advantages and disadvantages, benefits, dangers and applications, we are also delving into areas such as food enhancement, phytomedicine, genetic-modified crops and foods, disease investigation, enzyme biotechnology, environmental bioremediation and many more, with focus on partnering and consulting for individuals, groups and corporate bodies.

Most of the researches we would be undertaking are intended for public consumption, so that communities will benefit from the findings to improve their health and well-being. Interested researchers are enjoined to partner with us for all these.

Our Mission Statement
To provide quality products and services from the various fields of applied microbiology and applied bioscience through adequate conduction and translation of researches.

Our Vision Statement
To be a leading research firm in applied microbiology and applied bioscience in Nigeria.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are our activities, and they include:

  1. Initiating, conducting and supporting quality researches in applied microbiology and applied bioscience;
  2. Providing coverage, publicity and media supports for research works in applied microbiology and applied bioscience;
  3. Developing products and services from implementation and translation of researches in applied microbiology and applied bioscience.

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