MicroBiotics laboratory analyses affiliate programme is a network of medical, biomedical and bioscientific laboratories and personnel aimed at involving laboratory scientists in the diagnoses of diseases and analyses of bioscience research across and beyond the country.

The details of the programme are simplified below. For the purpose of this page, medical, biomedical and bioscientific laboratories and personnel are hereby referred to as Affiliates:

  1. The Affiliates involved in the programme are to primarily be our specimen/sample collectors.
  2. Affiliates are expected to have expertise and experience in the collection of some specific types of samples/specimen.
  3. Affiliates must be qualified by training, certification and/or licensing to carry out the duties of collection of samples/specimen.
  4. Affiliates can also be trained in other forms of sample collection if they want to expand beyond their regular activities.
  5. Affiliates may be independent laboratory scientists or be part of the workforce of other bioscientific organisation.
  6. Affiliates working for organisations which do not have the resources to carry out the listed analyses should be part of this network.
  7. Affiliates can also be bioscientific or biomedical organisations
  8. Affiliates that want to carry out medical specimen/sample collection must be licensed to operate as a medical laboratory scientist or be affiliated with a licensed medical organisation.
  9. Affiliates are to be remunerated with 5% of the fee attached to the sample/specimen analysis undertaken. (The percentage is subject to periodic review).
  10. Affiliates are to observe all necessary precautions required to protect themselves during specimen/sample collections,
  11. Affiliates to use the necessary specimen/sample collection tools and kits.
  12. Affiliates are responsible for efficiently packaging and transporting of the specimen/sample to the designated laboratory. Please note that a fee is attached to home collection of samples, which is due to the affiliates.
  13. For other clarification, please contact us or send a mail to info@microbiotics.com.ng.

To participate, kindly fill this form.

For independent/self-employed scientists.
E.g. BSc. Microbiology; MSc. Medical Laboratory Science; etc. Kindly forward your CV and credentials to info@microbiotic.com.ng
For scientist with established organisations.
E.g. Blood, Sputum, Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), Urine, etc.
Please note that the attached fees are subject to periodic change.
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