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MicroBiotics is a bioscience research application and science communication firm dedicated to creating products and services, and communicating effectively about applied research from the various fields of bioscience and biomedicine.
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ResearchApp publishes important, regular, highly applied articles, free/paid articles needed to provide educative content for readers since 2012.

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Our Research Activities involve conducting quality bioscientific and biomedical researches to innovate products and services; supporting and training scientists to initiate, develop, and implement research ideas and designs, and; providing  facilities, materials, training and analyses for biomedical and bioscientific researches. For more, visit our activities page
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Our science communication programmes involve extensive and intensive article writing, interactive audiovisual talks, event coverage/linkage, and high-powered intellectual discourses, all to reach the public and our intended audience with important media, especially in under our selected areas of focuses. For more, visit our sci-comm page

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