June 3, 2023


…exploring and communicating applied bioscience & biomedicine.

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Who We Are

MicroBiotics is a bioscience application and communicating firm dedicated to creating products and services  from the various fields of bioscience and biomedicine, and communicating effectively about them as well.

We are especially focused on six broad and encompassing core areas of applied research: Food enhancements, Crop improvements, Phytopharmacology & phytomedicine, Disease management and control, Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Bioremediation.

Most of the researches are communicated for public consumption, so that communities will benefit from the findings to improve their health and well-being. Interested researchers, individuals, groups and corporate bodies are enjoined to partner with us for all these.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading firm in bioscientific, biotechnological and biomedical research application and communication in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide quality, applied and research-based products and services, and effective communication about the products and services  from the various fields of applied bioscience, biotechnology and biomedicine in Nigeria.

Our objectives are:

  1. Initiating, conducting and supporting quality, applied bioscientific and biomedical researches.
  2. Developing quality products and services from the implementation and translation of researches.
  3. Providing effective communication and publicity support for researches and their products/services.

Our research activities include:

  1. Conducting quality bioscientific and biomedical researches to innovate and create products and services.
  2. Supporting and training to generate, develop, initiate and implement research ideas and designs.
  3. Provision of facilities, materials, training and analyses for biomedical and bioscientific researches.

Our science communication activities include:

  1. Provision of effective publicity for commercial bioscientific events, researches and products/services.
  2. Provision of educative writings and talks to simplify scientific researches and reports to the public. 
  3. Creation of certifiable and proficient courses and training for upcoming and established bioscientists.

Our Resources

  1. Bioscientific, biomedical and molecular laboratories.
  2. Researchers, communicators/writers, consultants and partners.
  3. Seminar/lecture rooms and training center and spaces.
  4. Podcasting, recording, broadcasting and multimedia studio

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Here are our core activities and our partners and collaborators.

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