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Development of Bioscientific Products and Services

The core of what we stand for is conducting quality researches to innovate and provide products and services which would benefit the society and be financially rewarding to the researcher as well. We are well placed to access grants in order to be able to fund these researches. Areas of our prioritized applied researches include but not limited to: Food Enhancement, Crop Improvement, Environmental Bioremediation, Phytopharmacology, Industrial Biotechnology, Disease Investigation and Genetic Engineering. We are hoping to work with Microbiologists, Biochemists & Chemists, Botanists/Plant Scientists, Biotechnologists & Geneticists, Zoologists/Animal Scientists, Biomedicals, Bioscientists and Agriculturists to mention a few. You can visit our product page as well as our monthly newsletter page to know more.

Analyses for Products Contents and Compositions

As part of our activities and services, we provide various chemical, biochemical and microbiological analyses for your products, whether they are for commercial or personal uses. We analyses food products, soil samples, plant/crop materials, water samples and many others, for contents such as minerals, proximate, fatty acids, vitamins, phytochemicals and microbial contents. We also carry out complete identification of desired organisms on your products using molecular techniques.

Provision of Research Supports and Trainings

We provide full and additional supports and trainings for interested bioscientists in generating, developing, initiating and implementing research ideas, designs, analyses and writing. Our access to quality researchers, facilities and industries within and beyond Nigeria position us to be able to provide these human and material resources for your works. Our regular and consistent research activities also provide avenues to training upcoming and established scientific researchers as well.

Publishing of Articles and Multimedia Publications

MicroBiotics started as a blog and an information-providing platform as far back as 2012, and part of our core activities is the continuous and periodic provision of incisive, practical and application articles and writings for the use of the public from individual researchers and organisations. We welcome free and paid articles on our blog page as long as the information contained within them are useful and useable for the audience. In addition to this, we provide audiovisual publishing (such as videos, audio, animations) for researchers to publicise their works, as well as multimedia channels like our web pages, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter Channel and LinkedIn page among others.

Provision of Research Facilities and Spaces

Click on our topmost and well-equipped research laboratory and seminar room pages to book spaces for your research works and presentations. These are the locations where we carry out most of our research activities, in addition to other research facilities that collaborate with us as well.

Supply of Research Equipment and Reagents

As we are well-placed to provide quality researches, we also have access to quality research materials, ware, equipment and reagents for bioscientific and other scientific works as well. All our supplies are affordable and of great quality as shown on our product page. Prices vary though as dictated by recent costs.

Organisation of Academic E-classes

We heavily sponsor e-classes on an online magazine where we involve tutors and instructors from the academic, industrial, vocational, and technology-based organisations and real-time practitioners and field workers who have many years of experiences to take students in an affordable and flexible style of teaching. We provide students quality and additional resources from real and professional experts in those fields. We also employ all modes of teaching to pass across our lessons, including videos, audios, texts and physical classes. To partake as a student or tutor visit our academic e-classes.

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Our Activities

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