Our activities are highlighted and explained below. For further information and clarification, kindly fill the form at the bottom of this page or contact us.

Initiating, conducting, supporting, financing and aiding implementation and translation quality researches in applied microbiology, applied bioscience and other applied scientific fields.

The core of what we stand for is conducting quality researches in the fields listed above, to provide products and service. We would like you to join us if you believe your research can be a huge benefit to the society and can also be financially rewarding to you as well by innovating a product or providing a service.

Areas of our prioritized applied researches include but not limited to: Food & Crop Enhancement, Environmental Bioremediation, Phytopharmacology, Industrial Biotechnology, Disease Investigation and Genetic Engineering. We are hoping to work with Microbiologists, Biochemists & Chemists, Botanists/Plant Scientists, Biotechnologists & Geneticists, Zoologists/Animal Scientists and Bioscientists & Agriculturists to mention a few. To be part of this, please fill the form of interest at the bottom of this page.

We have a topmost and well-equipped research laboratory and seminar room for most of our research works, and there are other research facilities that can collaborate with us as well.

As our vision statement states, we are focusing most of our energies on translation of researches to usable forms, providing products that would not only benefit the user, but also the provider. We are well placed to access grants in order to be able to fully apply most researches, and through this and subsequent production of services and products, most researchers get to benefit as well as the end users

Providing coverage, publicity and media supports for research works in applied microbiology, applied bioscience and other applied scientific fields.

One of the reasons why multimedia publishing is included in our list of objectives is to be able to give adequate publicity and coverage to the works we do. Videos, audio, text and animations are being used to pass information across as part of our media supports.

We have a YouTube channel to publicize and showcase the research being carried out as well as other social and mass media platforms as well. Live videos for laboratory sessions, interviews for individuals and groups, and seminar, outreaches and other forms of presentations are parts of our package.

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