BioTalks is a series of interactive discourse between a speaker and interested listeners about application of specialised information across the bioscience fields. Targeted at many audiences across different locations, speakers are expected to provide and deliver incisive and practicable texts and speeches, within three (3) hours on selected days, which are aimed to solve problems within their area(s) of expertise. These talks are to educate, inform and galvanise the attendees into taking positive, pragmatic and actionable steps which are achievable as possible within their personal environments and larger communities. Some BioTalks would be free, while some would be paid for.

Below are the series of BioTalks planned. Click on them to know get introduced to the topics, the dates and locations and the professional profile of the associated speakers.

Matters Arising Concerning Vaccines Availability and Effectiveness in Nigeria | by Tunde Olusola |

Health Security: Getting Prepared for The Next Pandemic, Epidemic and Endemic | by Bosede Alowooye |

The Control and Management of Viral Infectious Diseases: Exploring The Public Angle | by Tayo Fasuan |

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