BioTalks Plus – Identifying Key Ways of COVID-19 Management in Recent Times


COVID-19 has caused numerous devastation since it was discovered. Although attempts are daily being made to stem its tide, the ease of spread and transmission, the rapidity of variants development, and continuous issues with comorbidities are among the issues which are mitigating against its control and eradication. And this BioTalk is aimed at addressing these issues and more.

Topic: Identifying Key Ways of COVID-19 Management in Recent Times

Speaker: Dr. Adedayo Faneye

Date and Time: 10:30am, Saturday, February 26th, 2022.

Venue: The Genelab Auditorium, No. 15A, Adebajo Street, Kongi, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State

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This BioTalk Plus is targeted at providing its attendees with the following services:

  1. Enlightenment talks with important updates about how the virus spreads and mutates, with information about management of the associating illnesses, comorbidities and vaccination controversies.
  2. COVID-19 antibody testing for those who might have been unknowingly infected and those who want to measure their antibody responses to the infection or vaccination.
  3. COVID-19 PCR testing for those who want to travel and/or be certified COVID-19-free, or simply know their infection status.
  4. Vaccination for those unvaccinated and willing to be vaccinated. 
  5. Treatment advices, recommendations and follow-up for those positive for COVID-19 and referrals for those with comorbidities.

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Although the assigned location is fixed, BioTalks may be held in the preferred location(s) selected by majority of the registered participants.
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