June 3, 2023


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Tayo Fasuan

Tayo Fasuan is a virologist, an applied bioscientist and a science communicator from Ekiti State, Nigeria. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, Master’s degree in Virology, and Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism. He has worked in both biomedical and media sectors simultaneously for many years.

He was a lecturer and researcher in Ekiti State University, taking courses such as Virology, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Tissue Culture Techniques, and Introductory and Applied Biotechnology. His major research interest was and still is (1) Control of infectious viral diseases – viral gastroenteritis, viral zoonoses/anthroponoses, and environmental viruses; (2) Genetically modified foods to tackle global malnutrition and food insecurity; (3) Emerging and reemerging global diseases, and; (4) Creating products from biotechnology, bioscience and biomedicine. He has also published books in these areas such as (1) A Handbook on Wild and Peridomestic Birds associated with Arboviral Infections and Diseases (2018), Amazon Kindle Edition; (2) Lecture Notes: Introductory Biotechnology (2019), Amazon Kindle Edition, and; (3) Other Than Malaria: Common Viral Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoes in Africa (2021) MicroBiotics Web Books.

He has written about disease management for many years across multiple national and international platforms. Some of his featured articles are: (1) Infectious Diseases: Nigeria needs proactive approaches to tackle future health crisis (Pulse NG); (2) Nosocomial Diseases: How Nigeria can effectively tackle hospital-acquired infections (Pulse NG); (3) COVID-19 and the Infectious Viral Load: Another Angle to Fighting the Infection (MicroBiotics NG); (4) Three reasons COVID-19 might be difficult to control and three reasons it might be easily controlled (MicroBiotics NG); (4) The Initiation of Infection and the Cause of Disease (Part 1 – 3): Disseminated and Opportunistic Infections (MicroBiotics) (5) Nine Reasons Why Drugs Don’t Work Against Diseases (MicroBiotics NG); (6) Research Feedbacks: Activating Moral Responsibility towards Subjects and Participants (MicroBiotics NG)

He was recently part of the COVID-19 surveillance and testing in Nigeria during the pandemic, working on the frontline with 54gene (Stack Diagnostics) as a molecular scientist, and testing over 7,000 patients for COVID-19 during the period. He is the founder and Chief Research and Communicating Officer (CRCO) of MicroBiotics, where he works with other bioscientists to indigenously create products and services from the applied fields under bioscience and biomedicine. He is also the publisher and editor of FictionWrit Magazine, a magazine for promoting creative fiction writers in Nigeria and beyond, and ResearchApp Magazine, a magazine for professionals in all fields to share insights about and the benefits of their works.

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The Control and Management of Viral Infectious Diseases: Exploring The Public Angle
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