MicroBiotic-Ayoladun Wellness Centre Partnership: Incorporating Alternative Medical Therapy into Disease Treatments

In recent years, the conventional treatments of diseases have become more expensive, more invasive, and perhaps, more controversial. With advanced knowledge of how diseases are contracted and transmitted, so also is our knowledge of how they can be controlled. Hence, there is need to consult the other side of medical treatment and therapy in solving cases of common illness.

MicroBiotics is proud to announce its partnership with Ayoladun Wellness Center in the area of alternative medical therapy for many diseases, mostly non-infectious disease. Backed with years of experience and strong scientific, experimental proofs, we are going into creation of services and products to aid prevention, treatment and management of many acute and severe illnesses.

With the synergistic combination of therapies using premium medical equipment and tests, and herbal drugs, we have proven track records of managing common medical conditions such as:

Facial Nerve Paralysis. Chronic Toothache. Haemorrhoids. Enlarged Prostrate. Asthma. Acute & Chronic Cough (Non-TB). Cancer/Brain Tumour. Enuresis (Bed wetting). Dribbling Urination. Insomnia. Amnesia. Headache/Migraine. Glaucoma.

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