Micro-Info is a bioscience and biohealth information section of MicroBiotics whose major interest lies in collation and dissemination of information about microbiological-based events, findings, practical applications and career opportunities in all fields of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines. Its conception is borne out of the desire to make available to the public the vast amount of useful and practicable information and findings being churned out on almost regular basis in microbiology and its diverse affiliated disciplines, as well as their implications and applications through:

  1. publishing of news and feature articles, communiqués and synopses of seminars, workshops and conferences of academic, technical and industrial experts and their respective professional associations/bodies in the fields of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines;
  2. organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, public lectures, professional debates and enlightenment campaigns concerning health and wellbeing for the affected public, schools, research participants, academic and technical and industrial sectors of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines, and;
  3. hosting audio/video talk shows featuring microbiological professionals in order to address salient health issues concerning the negative and positive effects of the fields of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines.

The target audience is the general public as a whole, especially those with interest in how their health and well-being are affected by the microbial world around and within them. The contributors and participants for comprehensive and all-inclusive exchanges of information, include students and lecturers of secondary and tertiary institutions, industrial, academic and technical professionals in the fields of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines, researchers, and the scientific community as a whole.

Our Vision Statement

To be a foremost purveyor of information, news, events, findings and their practical applications in the fields of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines in Nigeria and Africa in general, for the benefit of humanity.Missions and

Our Objectives

  1. To make information concerning useful and practical application of Microbiology and its affiliated fields, and the implications of microbes and other microbic lives on people’s health and well-being, available to the public
  2. To provide news, feature articles, investigative reports and updates concerning diseases outbreaks, preventions and cures, innovative bioscience/biomedical discoveries, food improvisation and security;
  3. To make researchers more accountable by providing research feedbacks to individuals, groups and communities that participate in research activities in fulfilment of one of the universal ethics of carrying out researches;
  4. To be a connecting links between communities/groups in need of necessary aids and assistance concerning their health and wellbeing to the appropriate bodies and institutions;
  5. To increase the interaction between the academic communities and their industrial practitioners counterparts for comprehensive exchanges of ideas, facts and findings, and increase the chance of success of applying academic knowledge in the industry;
  6. To provide avenues for professionals in the field of Microbiology and affiliated biomedical/bioscience disciplines (students, academics, technologists, industrial practitioners etc.) to share their findings, air their perspectives on salient issues, and make relevant contribution to the health and economic policies of the country;
  7. To provide a forum for development of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines, and the science world wholly, through talks about career opportunities, both for individual and collective development;
  8. To make microbiology and other affiliated discipline interesting and interactive ones through continuous and consistent organizing of debates, symposia, conferences and seminars and audiovisual talk shows across the country, especially for those associated with the fields and those who have interest in it;
  9. And finally, to bring the discipline of Microbiology and affiliated disciplines down to the grass-root level and the uneducated public in order to make them know about the importance of microbes and other microbic lives to their health through public enlightenment programmes and campaigns.

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