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An Overview of Cereal-Based Fermented Foods and Drinks (Part 2)

Idli is a white, fermented acid (leavened), soft, spongy textured product and steamed cake of rice and dehulled black gram dhal eaten in Southeast Asian countries. is a very popular fermented breakfast food consumed in the Indian subcontinent made mainly of rice and black gram. Soybean, green gram and chick pea can be substituted for the black gram.

Utilization of Fungi for Biotreatment of Raw Wastewater

The use of microbes in wastewater treatment plant is an integral piece of the treatment process, as microorganisms are used in the secondary treatment of wastewater to remove dissolved organic matters. In this seminar abstract, the presenter showed an overview of the usefulness of fungal treatment of wastewater.

Protein-Fortified Garri: Improving Nutritional Quality of a Staple Food.

Garri is perhaps the second-ranking most staple food in Nigeria, ranking closely after rice.However, despite its popularity, the product is highly deficient in almost all food classes except carbohydrate. This has prompted numerous attempts by food scientists to fortify it with other classes of food, especially foods rich in protein.