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Three reasons COVID-19 might be difficult to control and three reasons it might be easily controlled.

by Tayo Fasuan So let us get straight to this in order to warn and encourage us in the fight against COVID-19 caused by SARS CoV-2 that just got into our country, Nigeria. So, why would this Coronavirus be difficult to control. 1. It is an air-borne virus. In the history of infectious diseases, airborne […]

The Initiation of Infection and the Causes of Disease (Part 1): Factors Determining Infections

Before any individual can be infected, there must be a point of entry. For us humans, most of our sense organs are point of entry for microorganisms, and they also double as initiation point for infection most times. Hence, we have the following entry points for infective microorganisms: mouth, ear, nose, eyes, skin and sex organs (genitalia).