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Introduction to Molecular Diagnoses under MGC Partnership

MicroBiotics, in partnership with GeneLab and the Laboratory Resources Unit of Christcov Nigeria Limited, are proud to introduce our services of reliable, affordable, and efficient molecular laboratory to you. This vision was borne out of the observation that hospitals find it very difficult to navigate the herculean task of molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases. This […]

The Initiation of Infection and the Causes of Disease (Part 1): Factors Determining Infections

Before any individual can be infected, there must be a point of entry. For us humans, most of our sense organs are point of entry for microorganisms, and they also double as initiation point for infection most times. Hence, we have the following entry points for infective microorganisms: mouth, ear, nose, eyes, skin and sex organs (genitalia).

My Science Worth: Providing the Benefits and Uses of Your Science

What Is My Science Worth? Hello ladies and gentlemen. Are you a scientist? If yes, then what is the worth of your science? The above question becomes crucial as MicroBiotics introduces a novel initiative of bringing the many fields of science and their scientists closer to the Society, for the ultimate development of the Society. It is […]