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About Us

MicroBiotics is a magazine whose major interest lies in collation and dissemination of information and news about microbiological events, findings, practical applications and career opportunities in all fields of Microbiology. Its conception is borne out of the desire to make available to the public the vast amount of information and findings being churned out on almost regular basis in microbiology and its diverse affiliated disciplines, as well as their implications and applications, through publishing of feature articles and write-ups. Communiqués and synopses of seminars, workshops and conferences of academic, laboratory and field experts and their respective professional associations/bodies would also feature in the magazine. Other programmes and activities of the magazine include:

Organizing symposia, seminars, and debates within and among the academic and operational/applied sectors of microbiology for ample exchanges of ideas and;

Hosting radio and television talk shows with/between professionals in order to make useful microbiological information readily consumptive for the general public and many others.

Its target audiences, which also doubles as contributors and participants for comprehensive and all-inclusive exchanges of information, include students and lecturers of tertiary institutions, professionals in the fields of microbiology (pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological, brewing and other related industries), research laboratory technologists and technicians (medical, industrial and educational), the scientific community as a whole and the general public with interest in microbiology and their health.

Our Vision Statement

To be a foremost purveyor of  information about microbiological news, events, findings and their practical applications in Nigeria and Africa in general, for the benefit of both the scientific and non-scientific communities.


Aims and Objectives

To make information concerning microbiology and its affiliated fields available to the scientific and non-scientific communities, which include students, lecturers, researchers, practitioners/professionals, laboratory technologists/technicians and the general public among others;
To increase the interaction between the academic communities and their industrial practitioners counterparts for comprehensive exchanges of ideas, facts and findings, and the practical application of such information for human benefit;
To provide avenues for future microbiologists (undergraduate and postgraduate students) to air their perspectives on important microbiology issues and share their findings with the older generation of microbiologists;
To provide a renewed awareness to the scientific and non-scientific public about microorganisms, their advantages and disadvantages, and their implications on health and lives;
To provide the scientific community, especially those associated with microbiology, a platform to make relevant contribution to the health and economic policies of the country through application of research findings;
To provide a forum for development of science as a whole and microbiology as a discipline through talks about career opportunities, both for individual and collective development;
To make microbiology as a discipline an interesting and interactive one through continuous and consistent organizing of debates, symposia, talks and seminars and radio/television shows across the country, especially for those associated with the discipline/course and those who have interest in it;
And finally, to bring the discipline of microbiology down to the grass-root level and the uneducated public and make them know about the importance of microorganisms and their health through public communities’ meeting.

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